Nicotine Gum

Nicotinell gum can make it easier for you to stop smoking because it helps you control your cravings.

The gum is available in two strengths, 2mg and 4mg. It is easy to chew with a crispy coating just like normal gum.

Nicotinell gum is available in two different flavours. Choose between mint or fruit.

Nicotinell gum is sold in packs of 12.

Which dose is right for me?

Light smoker
Between 10 and 20 cigarettes a day
Heavy smoker
20 or more cigarettes per day

How to use Nicotinell Gum

How to use Nicotinell Gum

  • 1. Chew until the nicotine taste becomes strong.
  • 2. Stop chewing and let the gum rest between your tongue and cheek until the taste begins to fade.
  • 3. Start chewing the gum again.
  • 4. Repeat chewing and resting for about 30 minutes.

To get the most out of Nicotinell gum it is important to chew correctly: see illustration. After chewing a few times the gum will start to taste like nicotine. The nicotine released will be absorbed by your mouth and enter your bloodstream. Let the gum rest between your tongue and cheek as long as the flavour is strong.

Remember to take breaks when you chew.

If you dont’ take breaks when chewing, more nicotine will be released than your mouth can absorb at one time. You will end up swallowing it and it will not have any effect.

Please read the leaflet enclosed in the pack and make sure you follow the instructions carefully.